Meet Dr Pradhan's Staff

The entire staff at Dr Pradhan's offices work closely together, but here are a select few who you may encounter more often:


Rhionna J Smith, PA-C
Physican Assistant 
Rhionna works closely with Dr Pradhan in seeing patients both in the clinic as well as the hospital. She also assists him in selected surgical cases. She essentially helps to make your spinal care experience a smooth process. She has been working with Dr Pradhan for the past 4 years.


Desiree Huerta
Scheduler and Assisant 
Desiree will help arrange your appointments, studies (such as MRI, CT scans, etc), as well as your surgeries if that has been recommended. She can refer you to appropriate other physicians as needed for your care, and is also able to refill selected medications for you. She has been working with Dr Pradhan for the past two years, and has worked in medical offices for years before that. 


Debbie Conley
Debbie is the office manager for our main office in Pasadena. She has run the RISSER Orthopaedic Clinic for the last two decades. She is basically the problem solver in the office, and almost always prevents them in the first place!


Cely Garcia
Disability and Workman's Compensation Injury Coordinator
Cely helps patients who are filing for disability due to their spinal problems. She also serves as the corodinator for patients with work injuries who are being treated through their workman's compensation insurance provider.


Larry Rouse
Cast Technician, Bracing Specialist, all around Handyman
Larry helps with bracing, casting, and other ancillary needs. In case you are wondering, he is the older one in this picture.


Jim Clemens
X-ray Technician
Jim takes all of our x-rays and digitizes them for us. He considers Ansel Adams a bitter rival, with both of them doing work in black and white.


Bernnie Perez
Scheduler and Assisant to the other RISSER doctors
Bernnie will also help arrange appointments and studies for Dr Pradhan's patients when Desiree is not available. She is actually like a back-up generator for the entire practice and has an electric personality.

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